Post-apocalyptic future, more real than fiction


Are we heading towards an apocalyptic future? The answer is unreservedly YES. This is not about some prophetic vision relayed by divine entities to civilizations, because we are doing a fab job in tugging the doomsday right into our turf. With every passing day, we are individually and collectively laying waste to our world, rendering it unlivable for our own generation, let alone the future generation. We don’t live in a fictional universe of Star Wars or Star Trek where we could just hop onto a spaceship and fly to another planet. We don’t have a Plan B if earth goes uninhabitable tomorrow. We don’t have a Planet B. The frailty of our dominance as a superior species will be eventually revealed when we will have no place to go, after  earth has been reduced to a massive scabland.

  1. The oceans are being killed
  2. Forests will soon disappear
  3. Fertile soil is dying
  4. Insects are vanishing
  5. Climate chaos is inevitable
  6. Extinction is now
  7. Plastic is in our blood

But what are folks bothered about? Storming Area 51!

person holding save our planet sign

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These snippets that I have gleaned below gives only a cursory look at where we are headed. We have booked the tickets and entered the cinema hall to watch a horror movie, and the problem is that no matter how much we clean up our act, we won’t be able to change the genre of the movie that we have signed up to watch. We can just continue to watch the horror show as under:



#1 Who needs water when you can survive on coke and sprite?







#2 Who killed the last male Northern White Rhino? Not loneliness or depression, but humans.





#3 O Yea! Well done to us. Pat your backs now.






#4 Gosh! The Supreme Court reminds the whole country – Yes, the whole country – that it will go down in garbage one day.





#5 Who will be next?




#6 Because of? Yea, that’s right. Us




#7 It keeps getting better




#8 And this is what happens to NON-VIOLENT activists who raise concern over this matter.





 “How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world / That has such people in’t!”




Radio Sunshine: Short Story

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Day 309

The last man on Earth sat alone in his room. There was knock on his door. He gingerly opened it and, to his horror, saw his mother-in-law standing in front of him.  HAAA! Ok I know I promised you that I will be telling you today the shortest horror story ever written, but I couldn’t resist twisting the end. You see how this works? Just add a line, and a horror story turns into a funny joke, a funny story into a tear-jerker and so on. Stories are unpredictable, just like life. I didn’t know that I will be sitting here in front of a mic, hosting a radio show. Darn, I didn’t even know that I will, probably, be the last surviving man on earth. Months and months of SOS messages sent from this dilapidated place, which was once called Communication Centre, should have yielded some response from somewhere. I am hoping some of you out there who have survived the Big Hit might be listening to this message. Even if you are not able to reach here, I am content that I am able to at least entertain you with my daily radio show.

You know, the name of this station is growing on me. Many seasons have gone, and the sun has remained hidden behind the blanket of thick ash cloud that seems to have been persistently stationary like a child throwing tantrums. If you consider this fact, then Radio Sunshine might sound only more inappropriate, but here’s the thing: I am still unreservedly hopeful that the sun will smile on us again with its glorious warmth. What do you think? Anyhow guys, rats are having an intense marathon in my belly, so it’s time to call it a night.  Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at the same time. And if you want to come over for a meet and greet session, look for the source of the spotlight. Make it soon, I don’t how long I can keep it powered–

Anyway, it’s your host DJ the RJ signing off.

Day 310

Good evening, folks. You have tuned into Radio Sunshine: your one and only favorite radio station on planet earth or whatever is left of it. You gaaaiiizzzz! I can’t wait to tell you what happened today. I was heading on my regular excursion to this darn, deserted industrial center, to see if I could salvage anything or anyone, when I saw the thing. At first, I thought it was some person, most probably a woman, peeping through the window of the fifth floor from one of the blocks of the residential complex. When the view caught my sight, it gave me such a start that I almost teetered where I stood. I thought everyone in the place, and even in this world for that matter was dead after that event.  I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised. Every now and then I see things which turn out to me a mirage. If you too happen to wear an attire of an astronaut, you will also fall into the trap of illusions. That’s how it feels when you put on a hazmat suit. Your head is so squeezed inside the suit’s helmet that your brain will give you umpteen excuses to take that thing off so you could take a good look at what you want to see. Now, going back to my anecdote; for a fleeting moment I was certain that there is someone, and what if it is someone from the search team who has entered the center’s perimeter scouting for survivors. Even if she wasn’t one of them, she could have been a survivor like me, and perhaps she needed help. Wrestling inwardly between these two possibilities, I scrambled right into the building. I was right; this time it was no illusion. There was a woman but lifeless, stiff as statue. She was perhaps one of the unfortunate ones left behind in the evacuation after the Big Hit. She was grabbing on to an empty oxygen cylinder and was snowed under several blankets. As I did in the past whenever I found deceased individuals, I buried her mortal remains, hoping that she would find peace in another world. Now, as the custom goes on our show, let us pay final respect to the departed soul with a minute silence. Guys, um, I’m sorry, but let’s call it a night. Pfft! I keep forgetting that it’s been night for.. what… like.. forever now? This is your host DJ the RJ signing off.

Day 311

You have tuned into your favorite radio station, Radio Sunshine, and this is your host DJ the RJ. Folks, I am so sorry that I started the show a wee bit late. I don’t have any excusable justification for it, but here’s why I was late today. After eons, I got the chance to go to a beach. I can’t even remember the last time I had gone to one. Ok so there I was, airily strolling on this beach and burying my toes in the grain of sand at every step. The sun, ready to set over the horizon, had some sort of childish geniality to it. The warm light emanating from it was embracing every inch of my skin, and the moisture in the air was nothing but purity in motion. As all good things come to an end, my sojourn on the beach also ended. That’s the sad part about dreams: they all come to end. I am pretty sure all of you miss the time before the Big Hit. Everyone busy with their lives, taking so things for granted like friends, family, time, environment, and the ever steady, warm earth. I vividly remember the time I came here with my team to commission the communication center in this area. There were fragments of news, or rumor as we called it, that an asteroid as big as almost 100 football fields would just pass the earth’s orbit in couple of days. Well, the major establishments knew masses are gullible and revealing a detail about their doom will wreak only mass panic all over the world. The crazy conspiracy theorists who were trying to warn people across various platforms were not so crazy after all. The actual news broke out anyhow and it ensued chaos all the same. When the Big Hit happened, it happened swiftly, and people realized there wasn’t much time. It hit at proximity to equator from what we gathered before internet and televised communication channels went down. The sound of the impact was so loud that it was heard almost across a hemisphere. When that colossal rock entered our world, it had already taken down major communication satellites on its way. The aftermath was nothing but devastation and darkness. The impact created a thick cloud of ash that blanketed the skies, and that was only the beginning. While monster earthquakes toppled all sorts of cliffs and buildings, the mega tsunamis made the oceans slop over, burying most of the land masses. Of course, this place also wasn’t spared, even though the impact of the Big Hit was felt here after a considerable time. Transportation and evacuation efforts were set to almost naught. Buildings toppled here too but barring few. I was trapped in debris and found myself excruciatingly isolated. After I was able to heave myself out, I couldn’t recall how long I was severed from the covey of people, for I didn’t find a single soul around me. For all I know, they were either evacuated or snowed under the land that was made even in the interminable earthquakes. The air was gradually turning noxious.  The only saving grace was the biohazard protection suit with liquid oxygen supplies that I could salvage from the ramshackle safety center. Sporadic fasting had somehow helped me retain the canned food or whatever is left of it. And not to forget, our good old communication center, which I excessively exhausted in the beginning to send SOS messages. Looks like I have been spared so I could have a tête-à-tête with you all. You know, things could get really boring without internet. But never mind, something is better than nothing. And talking to you guys gradually cemented the hope in me that one day we will witness the return of our good old sun in all its glory. The sun will smile on us again, folks. This is your host DJ the RJ signing off.

Day 314

Welcome back, folks. You have tuned into your favorite radio station, Radio Sunshine. Friends, um! Don’t know how to say this− ok− here we go. This will be the last day of this radio station, and trust me, I say this with a heavy heart. I understand that you all must be already infuriated that I didn’t show up for last two days, and now when I did turn up, I bring up this news. Um… yea but hear me out. Two days ago, I ran out of fuel that powers the spotlight, and to make matters worse, the structure holding the liquid oxygen supply and remaining canned food gave away. For some reason, my too smart for my own good brain advised me to repose all life sustaining stuff in one place. Idiot, I know. Now I am left with two options: stay put here with days’ supplies and wait to breathe my last or take my chance and go beyond the perimeter of the industrial center with what I have while bearing a feeble hope of finding some sort of new domicile. Apparently, I have chosen the second option. Maybe this vicissitude was a sign that I am not supposed to freeze here despairingly. I was just an occupant staying here on a short-lived sojourn, which reminds me of a speech from some public figure that I read couple years ago in a magazine. She said, ‘Every species that existed before humans had a temporary life span. Just like dinosaurs or other creatures that came before them, we(humans) are here only for a while. The earth lived with dinosaurs and lived without them. Similarly, Earth is living with us and it can live without us. So, we should get I priorities right: love your dear ones, discard petty politics, steer clear of actions that bring our environment in harm’s way.’ She was so darn right. Perhaps we humans tarried here so long that Earth finally decided to make way for that enormous rock so it can put an end to our vexations once and for all. Well, folks, that’s it from me. I better get moving before I start dillydallying with my decision. You guys and this radio show somehow softened the tough, lonely stay in this excruciating time, and I have a hunch that our paths will certainly cross, although you might find it hard to recognize me in this hazmat suit. So here I go, and as I hit the road, I want all of you lovely folks out there to remember: the sun will smile on us, again. This is your host DJ the RJ signing off.

Do we need a refresher course in patriotism?

There are times when kids could display outrageous behavior. Imagine for a moment that on a random sunny day, an abstemiously disciplinarian mother of a 10-year-old kid enters his room and, to her despise, discovers that his room is in complete mess.  The sight of the untidy room infuriates her since this is the millionth time the kid has been heedless to her demand of keeping his room clean. As a final attempt, the mother warns him about the consequences that he would face should he choose to leave his room in further mess. So, her son considers this warning as a mere bluster and flagrantly responds, “Are you questioning my integrity in keeping this room clean? You are insulting this house and the family that resides here, by calling my room untidy. By labeling my room unclean, you are questioning dad’s dignity and all the hard work that he has put in building this house where you live and thrive. You are ANTI-FAMILY. If you have a problem with this house or any of its unclean rooms, then feel free to move out and settle in some other house in our neighborhood.”

It is obvious that the impudent behavior and response of that son is wrong on many levels, and, of course, he will be met with a counter-response from his mother, as he will be torpedoed by several blows launched from her footwear. From this scenario, we see something that has become a norm in India. Whenever a voice of criticism or concern is seen taking form, it is labelled as cynical and unpatriotic. Even though an argument may have a constructive criticism, the most common response appears to be: “If you’ve got problem with this country, then go and live in…” You probably know the name of the country in that blank space. Criticism and voicing concern are not unpatriotic. It is a crucial part of healthy democracy.

Now, going back to the titular question: Do we need a refresher course in patriotism? The answer is No (unless you didn’t pay attention during social science classes in school). If we rephrase the question to this: Do we need a refresher course in patriotism from public figures? The answer is unreservedly No. You don’t want to be taught about subjects like nationalism or patriotism from celebrities, corporate heads, sports stars, film stars, politicians and so forth. Most of them won’t be able to answer basic social science questions, let alone talk about patriotism without looking at the script supplied by their PR machinery.

Public figures are out there to sell, and they will use whatever tool that is available close at hand. So, don’t you think they can use patriotism as one? They rile up the nationalistic sentiments to exploit them to their best advantage. An actor uses it to promote their movie, capitalists use it to sell their products, charlatans use it to get spiritual followers, new anchors to get viewership, and politicians, to get votes.

Public figures, in fact celebrated public figures, deliberately contribute in validating the action of quelling the voices of dissent and criticism. With their strong hold on pop-culture and public view, they influence their fans, masses and sometimes generations on a stupendously huge level. When they abhor or affront those who question people in power, the intoxicated fanboys follow suit.

man in white pocket t shirt

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Recently, a popular Indian cricketer was found lashing out at an individual in a video. This individual had left an online comment in which he stated that he preferred English and Australian batsmen to Indian players. Chances are that you have probably come across this video in which the sportsman can be seen responding to messages during the launch of his mobile app, and this is what the fuming cricketer had to respond: “I don’t think you should live in India, go and live somewhere else.  This particular cricketer, who enjoys a Rock star like status, recently chose Italy as his wedding destination, endorses Audi, a German car; Puma, another German product; and, claims to drink only Evian, a branded bottled water from France. Now, for someone who chooses to drown himself in foreign product endorsements, displays reproach and shares a lesson on whether people deserve to live in the country for having a favorite sportsman outside India, comes across as quite hypocritical. His passive-aggressive comment of advising people to live in another country if they don’t like something that is Indian adds yet another drop in the ocean of hyper-nationalistic sentiment in their sub-conscious mind.

Do people really need lessons on patriotism from celebrities whose idea of patriotism is so slacken that they cling on to it only when it suits them?

Joining this league of such public figures are news anchors in India. There was a time when elders used to advice youngsters to watch TV news debates in order to improve their vocabulary and strengthen their command over the language. But I doubt that would be used a method now that could be used for building language skills. Indian television is teeming with news channels which are competing to get the coveted title of the most viewership. The principal job a news anchor who is also a journalist is to scrutinize power and privilege without end, but what we get to see is yelling, screaming and more screaming. They believe that patriotism is what you assert with a loud voice, even if you are wrong. Sadly, there is an exponentially large number of populaces that buys whatever tripe that is packaged as debate, news or facts and sold by these news anchors. Staying away from such news anchors is the need of the hour because news channels have become peak corporate houses, their objective is not present news, but to sell news and sell it, whatever it costs, even if its costs communal harmony, security or public sanity. They schedule their debates on a prime time so they can sell it as entertainment. And what are the debates mostly about? Anything under the sun, but nothing that would question the people in power. It is obvious news anchors are under tremendous pressure to generate TRPs. The only way they can attract audience is by creating a delusion that you are supposed to hate what they hate, supposed to believe what they believe, because that is the only way you can keep the nation paramount. If you stick to one news debate till the end you will notice how news anchors suppress certain panelists who bring logical argument, by talking over them or abruptly cutting out the time allotted to them. We have come to a point where news anchors decide for us what is right or wrong what is nationalistic or not. They decide to be the judge, jury and executioners through incoherent hollering and by selling biased information. These news anchors sell hate, paranoia, fanaticism, bigotry and jingoism through misinformation, and they know very well that misinformation is like an addictive drug: if you take it daily, you will turn into an addict, a different man.



A simple online search will help you know who own a particular news channel. Once you find out who’s the owner and might also want to find out which political party that owner is inclined towards, because if news anchor of that channel is vehemently biased towards that party, then you are better off switching off your TV, because you know you are not getting unbiased, unsullied news from the news anchor of that channel, and most importantly you wouldn’t want to get lessons of patriotism from people who are under payroll of politicians.

If you are an ardent viewer of prime-time news debates, you will discover that the news anchors support certain politician(s) that they are biased towards. It is as if they are making it obvious as to which politician they religiously support. Politicians are usually looked upon as invincible, celestial creatures by their fans. Yes, Fans. I used the word fans because they are also viewed as celebrated public figures, which should make every normal person ask: WHY???? Why is a politician considered as a divine entity who has parted skies and descended upon earth to rescue humans from their misery? Why do people forget that a politician is a mere human like any other person who is out there to represent a certain group of people? It is because of such attitude that most of the politicians, if not all, take public and the responsibility towards them for granted.

It is ok if you prefer a certain politician over other, but it is not all ok to fall for your favorite politician’s bigotry, jingoism or hatred. A conscientious politician will never define or give you lessons on patriotism, because they know that the people he represents are matured adults who do not seek civic lessons, but seek to address issues such as employment, safety and security, law and order, infrastructure, education, health care and so forth.

A corrupt politician, on the other hand, will always try to inject paranoia in you. He will showcase himself as a gaudy entity who is out there to rescue you save you from your neighbor who is out there for your life just because he doesn’t identify himself with your community. A dishonest politician will swerve you from main issues and his incompetency. He will try to convince you to hate your neighbor, friends and even your family if they are not on the same page as the politician and his ideologies.  Such politicians will try to plant the notion in your sub-conscious mind that questioning his failures is unpatriotic because the country equates to that politician and that politician equates to country. They will pit you against your everyone. These politicians will attend celebrity weddings but won’t meet the distressed farmers, grieving voters or families of martyred soldiers.

As voters, as countrymen and as emphatic humans, we need to say no to such politicians. The only way they gain control over vulnerable folks is by taking refuge under sentiments of patriotism. You must identify who is fighting for people and who fights with people that question these politicians. Every law-abiding citizen is a boss of people who choose to be their representative. Never do you choose to be pathetic, servile fanboys under their charm, because democracy places every citizen above politicians, and IT IS your duty to question them and keep in line.

When you are hired by a company, you are not designated as a crusader who fights for the entity. You are hired to do a set of tasks based on which your performance is evaluated, and that evaluation determines whether you are fit to continue working for the firm. Likewise, a politician is voted in to do the job, if he fails to perform or tries to hide his failures under the garb of patriotism, then you know he is not fit to represent you any further.

In conclusion, don’t let any public figure or anyone for that matter be the flag bearer of patriotism because there are lot of fanatics out there who are ready to hound people using the nationalistic sentiment as a tool, or else the day is not so far when you criticize your children for keeping their room unclean, pat you might get a response from the other side, “What? You are calling the house that gives you shelter dirty? How treacherous of you? You are ANTI-FAMILY. Go and live in the neighbor’s house.”

It’s Time We Behaved like Good Tenants to Save Ourselves from the Wrath of Planet Earth

Picture this – Mr. X, a young, belligerent, ambitious young man occupies an apartment for rent in a metropolitan city. He works for a Multi-National corporate house.  He is party-animal and throws lavish gathering for his colleagues and friends except that those parties entail unbearably loud music, occasional smoking that has triggered fire alarm and excruciatingly clamoring guests. There are times when Mr. X’s landlord, although comprehending of his tenant’s lifestyle, verbally tries to talk him into controlling his nocturnal activities in a way that it doesn’t cause inconvenience to his neighbors. Mr. X, callous in his attitude, anyway proceeds to go on with his loud gatherings and winds up getting himself vacated from the apartment from immediate effect at one such night.

Mr. X pleads with his landlord to give him another chance and pardon him for the last time, but fed up with the incessant complaints from the neighbors and with the indifference displyed by the tenant to his several verbal requests, the landlord persists in escorting Mr. X to the exit gate of the apartment’s building.

Now why am I bringing up the issue of a landlord and an unscrupulous tenant, you ask? Because the human race is more or less acting like Mr. X.

If scientific studies are to be believed, the earth was born about billion years ago. In its infant stage our home planet spat lava constantly through volcanic eruptions, cooled down into ice age and  gradually provided a safe haven for several life forms to evolve and live their term. Sometime between the ice age and the phase when the dinosaurs walked the earth, a major part of the landmass of our planet was covered by thick forests of 20 to 24 feet tall giant mushrooms. The same landmass eventually paved way for trees and other forms of flora and fauna.

Coming back to the example of Mr. X, we are no different in our attitude when compared with this callous tenant. Owing to heavy industrialization, constant hunting and poaching leading to the increasing rate of several animals entering the list of endangered species, orgy of pollution caused by industrial waste and with various other factors, we are damaging our home in an irreparable manner.

We have come to a point where we don’t need saving the earth. We need to save ourselves.  After all, how long are we going to be residents of Planet Earth? Our time is limited. Like wooly mammoths in the Ice age and dinosaurs in the Jurassic age, there will be a time when nature decides that it had enough of us and wipe us as swiftly as snap of two fingers. If you look at the geological history, our race is not meant to be here in this world for ever. But that doesn’t mean that we cut short our time in this planet with activities that damage our eco-system and shorten the time length given to our future generation to live in this world.

Our planet is a humungous rock which has been floating in space for billions of years. It survived with Ice age and without Ice age; with giant mushrooms and without giant mushrooms; with dinosaurs and without dinosaurs; with humans and… guess what? It will still do pretty well without humans.

Our politics, corporate goals, awe-inspiring structures built by encroaching the natural backdrop, all of these will reduce to dust in no time if we are to face the wrath of the biggest landlord of all times – Planet Earth.

If you still haven’t realized the magnitude of the ecological damage caused by our insensitive attitude then you might want to know that since 1970, the world has lost 60%, yes, that’s right, 60% of its wildlife.

We still have time to mend our ways otherwise the day is not far when we show our children pictures of tigers and lions and tell them how once the wildlife consisted of majestic animals like these which could only mean that our extinction would not be very far, either. If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you must have recently heard that Sudan (not the country), the last male Northern White Rhino from Africa bid goodbye as the last of its species.

If that wasn’t enough to convince my Indian brethren then it might make you very proud to learn that the Honorable Supreme Court of India has asked all State and Union Territories to frame a policy on solid waste management lest the country goes under garbage one day.

While most of us are complicit with our indifference to how our race is causing irrevocable damage to our ecological surrounding, there are some who still  haven’t lost faith, and are trying to make things right.

Afroz Shah is one such individual. A lawyer from Mumbai took up an arduous and longest beach cleanup project. Frustrated with piles of decomposing waste that overwhelmed the city’s Versova beach, he decided to do something about it by getting rid of one piece of rubbish at a time. After several efforts, many inspired volunteers and ceaseless support  later Versova beach witnessed a historic moment in which Olive Ridley Sea Turtles returned after 20 long years to lay eggs at the beach.

We do not know for certain how long human race is going to last on this planet. Although we have rented this giant rock, we do not have an official agreement that dictates how we decide to live here. But it definitely depends entirely on us whether we want to live in this temporary home called Earth in good terms or get ourselves ousted for being an unruly tenant like Mr. X, because if we end up infuriating this landlord with our antics to a point where it gets unbearable, then we may get no opportunity to reason or plead with nature from taking action against us, and at that point we will have no one to blame but ourselves – Global warming, anyone?



Indian elections & IPL… One miserable circus that inspired the other!

Picture this! One fine sunny day morning, Ram Gopal Verma calls for a Press Conference to announce his next movie. He asserts his next directorial venture to be inspired by Karan Johar’s first blockbuster hit ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’  set  amidst  the underworld backdrop; and he calls his upcoming flick ‘Satya Ko Kuch hota hai’ and the very Press conference coerces Karan Johar to wake at the stroke of midnight as if the announcement was a traumatising nightmare.

It is quite disturbing to imagine that one yawn inducing filmmaker’s movie can inspire another headache inducing filmmaker to give us another crass movie.


We are living in a world where one action inevitably inspires another; sometimes it can be for good and sometimes for bad. In this vicious circle of inspiration affecting everything and everyone it wouldn’t be wrong to state that the circus which is famously known in India as IPL (Indian Premier league) was inspired by none other than another circus known to all as Indian elections.

If I had to ask to ask to you all to spot the difference between IPL and Indian elections, definitely there wouldn’t have been any brownie points since the differences were quite obvious, the subject still begs the question.. How the hell did Indian elections inspire the formation of IPL?

Well… to affirm just that, here are the similarities between the two nationally celebrated circuses .


#1- United by country; divided by teams

If you believe the Indian elections and IPL are a hook to a divine robe that binds all Indians together, then you are probably one of those who believe that Himesh Reshammiya deserves Grammy Awards for howling like a werewolf suffering from fever.

Division is a quintessential tool applied by ministers who take you in a rollercoaster ride of region, religion, caste, language et al. From Modis to Mayawatis they all are hell bent in dividing us Indians on whatever basis possible, and then there is IPL whose foundation itself is dividing the teams on the basis of region. When your loyalty to Men in Blue reaches sky high, the formation of IPL teams  takes a detour towards chosen few players who represent your region, and while you cheer for the national team irrespective of the players constituting the team, you are commanded to conceive hatred for some players which is evident from the Ads that promote particular IPL teams during the season.

united by IPL??? nahh!!!





#2- Aladdin scenario

Aladdin doesn’t need any introduction.  As the folklore of Aladdin narrates the story of a young boy who falls in the category of have-nots finds his world upside-down for good when he comes across a Djinn (or Genie as referred in Disney movie)who fulfils all his wishes and pouring all the wealth at Aladdin’s footsteps.  In India, general elections sort of turn out to be magic lamps for each and every minister where every individual politician claims to live an austere life but when it comes to fight the election they pour expenses on promotions as if a Tsunami of cash had almost drowned them to death and that Tsunami was caused by one of the Djinns from magic lamp.

When it comes to IPL our Aladdin is a wee bit old and he known by all as a certain Mallya. You read that right.. this certain Malya claims to be so poor that beggars end up giving him some coins when his Mercedes stops by in a signal. This poor old man doesn’t seem to have enough cash to pay the outstanding salaries of his Airline staff, but his life suddenly takes a U-turn when IPL commences and he showers crores at the player auction as if some perverse lottery winner showers cash on bar dancer being aware of the fact that such fun and the bundle of cash won’t last long.

Forget Aladdin. I feel like a genie myself

Forget Aladdin. I feel like a genie myself







#3-  Double impact

This has got nothing to do with the classic Jean Claude Van Damme movie. What I am referring to is the most annoying Son of Sardar in universe ‘Navjot Singh Sidhu’. As this pseudo-philosophy/poetry spewing loquacious Surd wasn’t enough to fight elections apart from the career that he makes from laughing at anything & everything, IPL laid a red carpet for him to enter our household through our TV to make sure that those who survived his laughocalypse on comedy shows do not survive his mind paralysing blabbering on IPL.


When Siddhu gives election speeches

When Siddhu gives election speeches










When Siddhu gives his insight on an  IPL match..

When Siddhu gives his insight on an IPL match..


#4- Jumbo journey

The first thing that strikes your mind when you hear the word jumbo is elephant. But this is per se what I am referring to in this point , but it is somewhere close.

General elections gave us personified jumbo called Mayawati  (her political party icon is elephant.. Google it if you don’t trust me) the Behenji of sorts who apparently fights for the rights of Dalits with her political party dedicated for the same (the  enormousness of her exaggerated  personality can belittle the ancient pre-historic mammoths), and on the other hand IPL gave us Farah Khan, who with her Jumping Jhapak dance moves in the 5th season of IPL almost got the axis of the planet turned by 8˚causing massive earthquakes on the other hemisphere.

I can crush dozens of elephants under my feet. Be scared.. be very scared ... buhuhuuhahahaaaa

I can crush dozens of elephants under my feet. Be scared.. be very scared … buhuhuuhahahaaaa











Her infamous dance move (jumping Jhapak) that reportedly caused massive earthquake in the other hemisphere of earth

#5- Clowning glory

Last but not the least, the point here actually turns the table where  IPL had actually inspired general elections witness  clown in all their glory.

While IPL offered a platform to Numero Uno slapstick (pun intended) comedian called Sreesanth who immensely entertained us by proving himself being worth of a  reported slap from Harbhajan Singh, the universe wanted to create an equal balance of unsettling experience by making us witness Rakhi Sawant stand for elections which begs a very important question….. … … WHYYYYYYYYYY?????

Perhaps the SLAPstick comedy (pun intended)  didn't work for him

Perhaps the SLAPstick comedy (pun intended) didn’t work for him









The picture what is reportedly believed to have made Benazir Bhutto lost the will to live

The picture is what reportedly believed to have made Benazir Bhutto lose all hopes of living in this world











These were what I believe formed a nucleus in General elections around which IPL was formed. If you feel you can add more to it , do feel free to put your points on the comment box below.


Backing Rapists… Is India suffering from Ghajini syndrome?

Like the protagonist from the movie of the same title [Ghajini] who suffers from sort of amnesia where his memory bids farewell to his brains every 15 minutes, India as a nation seems to be suffering from the same problem.

While I was having regular round-up of enlightening myself of current events through internet I came across a statement that spread like wildfire over the internet . The statement was given by  a political bigwig, known to all as Mulayam Singh Yadav, who is chief of a ruling political party of one of the Northern states of India and what he stated was nothing less than outrageous which goes “Boys will be boys… they make mistakes.. Why punish them with death sentence for rape??”  Well.. If this wasn’t regressive enough, another representative of his political party went on to say that women who indulge in sex outside marriage should be given death sentence.

It makes me wonder, what does such medieval mindset of these people who are supposed to helm their constituency are made up of?

There are these people who probably living in a delusion of representing a constituency in Afghanistan or they are better off becoming astronauts to leave planet earth and look for their brains which are probably  lost in the darkness of space.

But this brings us to one excruciating question, Was India inhabited by people like this from beginning? The answer is a definite Yes.  And it also proves how India has been condescendingly boasting about its culture of treating women next to Goddesses and equal to men was nothing but farce.

The most excruciating subjects like equal rights to Women, Women Safety and Women empowerment has only been a farce which can be comprehended by the following tweets   that shows the outrage of Indian public whenever this subject saw the rage of people when crimes against women like rape became a concern through the years.




Time has changed, but the situation has not. India as a nation and its ever-changing government rule where major political parties take turns in governing the nation after every election talks of considering this subject earnestly or sometimes even neglected, but the government has always seem to suffer from Amnesia where a burning issue like women safety saw itself fading like a paint of an  old abandoned mansion.

It is because of this Ghajini syndrome that India finds itself amidst people like Mulayam Singh and Abu Azmi where there is no dearth of people like them in India and yet they are found being kept in pedestals by the general public for governing the nation that claims to respect women.

Skyfall~ Old wine in new bottle??? Not exactly.

My view on the latest Bond flick comes in a wee bit late as I watched it just yesterday. To begin with I would say this would be one of the coolest bond movies to come out in this franchise. I am not an ardent James Bond fan, but the premise  turned out to show something  new which was set in the trailer about a fallen hero who needs to rise back and fight his demons ( Dark knight rises, anyone??), but the movie doesn’t just  focus entirely on this premise as there was a discreet plot waiting to be unveiled.


As the movie progresses, the plot seems to center mostly around a supporting character who has been pivotal in preceding Bond movies, and * SPOILER ALERT* audience may be in for a surprise as they may not find that character in successive Bond flicks. *SPOILER ENDS*


Not to forget Javier Bardem, who plays the terrifying villain very well.

With no doubts, after this movie, he will be touted as the most menacing villain. His Character exudes ‘Business’ and the REAL terror in this movie is Javier Bardem’s hair.


You look at him and you will feel that he snuck in to Nicolas Cage’s wardrobe and stole some of his wigs and finally selected one which was used in one of Nick’s damp squib movies.

All in all, the movie had all the ingredients which makes the Bond movie, a Bond movie, whether it is the music, Bond’s body language, the action ( like one scene where he rips the train into half, takes a heavy duty leap, lands safely, checks the cuff links . .. and ready to kick some a**) which was at least less campy than the previous Bond movies, the Bond girls were a bit OK as in passable…  and again, not to forget .. Javier Bardem’s hair which has an expression of its own, never ceases to terrify.

I believe that ‘Skyfall’ is definitely worth a watch if you love action but it may invite a mixed reaction from Diehard Bond fans.